Financial Assistance

Kings Career Institute offers students low cost programs with a comprehensive payment plan.  Our payment plans are reasonable and realistic.  We are aware that people have financial hardships at the present time yet want the opportunity to better their careers options.  Please call us to speak to a financial representative who can assist you in making a plan that will allow you to complete your career with us.

Vocational Rehabilitation

We have an alliance with Vocational Rehabilitation  that will assist you if you qualify to study at our school and Vocational Rehabilitation will pay for your education.

Private Loans Company

We have a list of private loans company that will allow you to pay for your course while paying a minimal amount on your loan as you study.


We are working on getting more programs that will assist with the financial aspects of our programs.  Please call the school at 561-201-0922 and speak to a representative that can give you more information.