Apply Now - We encourage students to apply as soon as possible!

Before you apply, make sure to review our admissions requirements and start dates. Also, make sure that you speak to the admission representatives and set up an appointment to meet with them and tour the school.

Meet with the Admission Director:  All students are required to meet with the Admission Director or the Academic Counselor to set up an education plan.  The education plan will allow the student to have a realistic and attainable learning plan that will lead the student to success.

Enrollment Agreement:  Every student must complete an Enrollment Agreement and a Program Application to enroll in any program.

Required Documentation:  Students must bring in all required documentation before starting class requested by the school.

Registration/Application Fee:  All students must pay their registration/application fee at the time of submitting the admission application.  The registration fees are non-refundable

Pay Online

Meeting with the Financial Officer:  Students must meet with the Financial Officer to ensure that a payment plan for their studies is in place.

Uniforms and Supplies:  Uniforms and supplies for each program vary, the student must have his/her uniform upon starting class.  To ensure that you are able to attend class in uniform we recommend students purchase uniforms 3 weeks before starting class.

Book Orders and ID Cards:  Students must notify the office if they are going to purchase their own textbooks.  If they do not notify the school the school will automatically order books for the students to purchase. Students must have their books on hand on the first day of class. The school will issue every student an ID card upon admissions.  Students must wear their ID cards at all times.  Lost IDs will cost the students $10.00 to replace.

School Address:   2700 West Atlantic Blvd, Pompano Beach, Florida 33069. We are on the second floor of the building in suite #208 and #202.  The school is located between Highway 95 and the Florida turnpike.