I would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome and thank you for your interest in Kings Career Institute.  Our goals are to provide quality training and skills to our culturally diverse body of students. With these skills, you will fulfill your dream of either becoming self-employed or employable in your field of study. Kings Career Institute  understands the personal demands placed on our students in such a busy and challenging world. We will do everything possible to get you professionally trained and in the workforce as quickly as possible. Once again, welcome and thank you for your interest in Kings Career Institute.

Our Philosophy


Kings Career Institute believes that if the subject taught is presented in a pleasant professional environment, learning and retention will take place.  Our motto is “The Key to Success is Education”. Education occurs when students are at ease and their instructors confidence in what they are teaching is visible to students: it allows the students to focus on learning their material and skills which will ultimately result in greater absorption of concepts and techniques. Most importantly, students will learn to master all of their newly acquired skills. We want our students to make their new career part of their  lives and become the professional they came to Kings Career Institute to become.
Kings Career Institute is dedicated to providing quality education that promotes professional success through high academic achievement that benefits both the student and the community it serves.  Kings Career Institute does not discriminate based on culture, race, religion, or age. The students must meet the academic and physical requirements to complete their program of choice.

Our History


Kings Career Institute, is owned and operated by Network for Educators Inc., and was established in the year 2006. The primary purpose of the Kings Career Institute is to provide clear guidance and quality training to individuals who desire skills for successful entrance into a chosen profession in healthcare. We want to assist those in our community to seek professional medical careers.
Kings Career Institute was established in response to a growing need for trained healthcare providers in the state of Florida and our local community.
Kings Career Institute reserves the right to determine the quality of academic and clinical performance and the responsibility to plan the curriculum based upon sound educational principles.


Kings Career Institute is a state of Florida approved/licensed  comprehensive program that prepares students for the health care industry.

Graduates are eligible to have their names submitted to the Florida Board of Nursing to be considered as a candidate for the NCLEX licensure exam.